Ron DeSantis For President 2024?


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Trump both have large bases of support for a 2024 presidential run. Trump made it clear he’s running. DeSantis hasn’t announced yet.

Will DeSantis necessarily run? He could stay on the bench this time around and hand it to Trump, saving his energy for 2028.

Will DeSantis do that or will he run?

What DeSantis Needs to Know

Before he runs for POTUS, DeSantis needs to know just how solid his numbers are. He has a chance to find out in the upcoming midterms. There’s little doubt that DeSantis is going to win, but by how much?

DeSantis won’t necessarily be staying on friendly terms with Trump. He may even go after him on some issues, like Trump’s support for lockdowns and the vaccine.

In Florida, people like Mike Pence have been meeting with the crucial DeVos family to explain what they want for the future GOP, and it’s not Donald Trump.

Trump won Florida by more than three percent in the 2020 election. DeSantis wants to beat that number in polling before he decides to run. That’s part of why he’s been directly calling out Biden and his disgraceful regime by name more lately.

He wants to start building momentum and familiarity of the idea of DeSantis vs. Biden.

Bolstering Finances

DeSantis has been working in the background to capture various streams of funding. He also has the support of his wife, Casey, who wants him to try to become POTUS.

His spokesman David Abrams said DeSantis is laser-focused on winning the governorship once again this fall and didn’t comment on the presidential aspirations.

What’s clear, however, is DeSantis is very serious about becoming our next commander-in-chief.

His current project is to get some of the funds from tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who has given generously to various candidates, including Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters.

DeSantis and Thiel know each other and sometimes speak, so it’s certainly possible. Thiel shares a conservative view of the country, including border security and putting America First, that resounds very well with DeSantis.

If DeSantis can get Thiel’s money and keep building up his network, he’s in a very good position to win re-election by a wide margin and be set up for a huge presidential run in 2024.

DeSantis or Trump?

Some have suggested the idea of a Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024, and anything is possible. At the same time, it’s clear that both men want the big job and wouldn’t be overly fond of sharing the duties.

What happens remains to be seen.

Yet, at this point, all of DeSantis’ behavior is that of a man with plans to become president and not let anybody get in his way.


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