Russia Goes on Rabid Outburst of Nuclear War Threats

(Putin's substitute Dmitry Medvedev)

The regime of bloodthirsty Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin has gone on a rampage of nuclear threats.

Over the past couple of days, while the health condition of the Russian tyrant remains shrouded in mystery, his “dream team” of propagandists have been bursting out with nuclear war threats.

‘Bastards and Degenerates’

That has come against the backdrop of video footage showing Putin’s feet shaking, allegedly due to Parkinson’s disease.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian missile strike hit a Russian military base about 40 miles inside Russia’s territory.

Medvedev, who is, at present, only serving as Putin’s deputy in the chairmanship of Russia’s Federal Security Council, may still be harboring hopes to succeed the dictator.

He has thus been ranting uncontrollably against Ukraine and the West.

On Wednesday, Putin’s protégé wrote a report about supplying Ukraine with liquefied natural gas is pointless simply because it “won’t exist on the world map” that long.

West Will ‘Disappear in Nuclear Apocalypse’

Another hardcore Putin ally dead-ender, Vyacheslav Volodin, head of Russia’s rubber-stamp parliament, threatened Europe is going to “disappear” in a “nuclear apocalypse.”

Volodin was commenting on an interview with Radoslaw Sikorski, a former pro-American foreign minister of Poland, who stated the West would be justified in giving Ukraine nuclear weapons simply because Russia – by invading it – violated the 1995 Budapest Memorandum.

Putin ally Volodin declared if the West goes ahead and arms Ukraine more heavily, thus allowing it to defend itself from the Russian aggression, then Ukraine, Poland, and all of Europe “will cease to exist” – seeming as a result of a Russian nuclear attack.

Of course, Volodin was following the typical Russian propaganda line in which Moscow propagandists are pretending NATO doesn’t exist.

This is the US-led alliance in which an attack on one member state (such as Poland) is considered an attack against all.

It would prompt the unleashing of America’s full military might, which would obliterate Russia completely. As though these nauseating threats weren’t enough, also on Thursday, three more of Putin’s most sickening propaganda stooges stepped up.

Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roskosmos, the Russian space agency similar to NASA, demanded the Putin dictatorship “end” Ukraine.

TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov, also known as the “Voice of Putin”, insisted Russian invaders boost their firepower to crush the Ukrainians. He claimed by waging war and killing thousands of Ukrainians, Putin is actually defending and protecting Ukrainians.

Margarita Simonyan, head of Putin’s foreign language propaganda network RT (Russia Today), argued it was time for “Mother Russia” to “smash these animals” – meaning the Ukrainians but also, by extension, westerners as well.

As per the assessment of the International Peace Research Institute based in Stockholm, Sweden, a nuclear war has become more likely today than at any moment since the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989.



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