Russia Threatens the West With Nuclear War


Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on since late February and the end is nowhere in sight. In recent weeks, Russia’s military has been making significant gains in the country’s eastern Donbas region.

But Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has made it clear that his country won’t surrender even if they have to fight for ten years.

NATO and the United States, meanwhile, keep shipping large quantities of powerful weaponry into Ukraine to use against Russia.

Now one of the top geopolitical analysts and Putin supporters in Russia is openly threatening and predicting nuclear war in the near future.

Mikheyev: ‘WW3’ Is About To Start

Sergey Mikheyev is one of Russia’s top geopolitical pundits and a TV host on the state-run Channel 1. He said that if the West keeps giving Ukraine more firepower against Russia, the Kremlin will resort to “nuclear war.”

“It’s coming,” Mikheyev warned, adding that the West simply doesn’t get how serious this is and how close it is to happening. Mikheyev mocked NATO and American promises of powerful weapons to Ukraine that are killing Russians, saying that if they think those are powerful they should wait until Russia unleashes its full arsenal.

Mikheyev also made fun of moderate Russians and non-involved people on both sides who just hope the war will de-escalate and calm down. They believe that maybe each side will just incrementally increase firepower and eventually reach a peace deal of some kind.

It’s not going to happen, according to him. Instead, Russia is soon going to reach a breaking point with how much it can take of every country in the West supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons.

When that breaking point is reached, “WW3” will begin, Mikheyev says.

‘Sick of the West’

Mikheyev added that he’s “sick of the West” and their constant threats against Russia, sanctions and half-measures. He said that America and NATO need to decide what their true position is.

If they are against Russia, “declare war,” he threatened, adding that Russia will “spit” on NATO’s weapons capability if it unleashes its full military power which it is currently holding back.

Some of the weapons Joe Biden is sending to Ukraine this week include long distance missiles that can go over 45 miles and could be used by Ukraine to hit targets inside Russia. Kiev has vowed it won’t do this, but it’s clear that the Kremlin is getting itchy and close to pulling the trigger and declaring war on NATO as well as Ukraine.

If that happens, all bets are off.

The Bottom Line

We could very well be sleepwalking into WW3 right now. Sending more and more weaponry to an ally while wanting to remain out of the war itself is how World War One and Two began.


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