Russian Soldiers Get ‘Rambo Syndrome,’ Commit Gang Rapes of Families in Ukraine War

(The Butcher of Bucha, ethnic Tajik Russian colonel Azatbek Omurbekov)

Russian troops in bloodthirst dictator Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine war have gone crazy with a “Rambo syndrome,” leading them to pillage and rape at will, according to a Russian soldier who witnessed horrifying war crimes, including gang rapes of entire families, before managing to defect to the West.

War Crimes Beyond Normal Human Imagination

Russian forces have committed about 20,000 war crimes and crimes against humanity since Putin ordered them to invade a democratic, pro-Western Ukraine in February, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

Russian war crimes have been established all over the map of the formerly occupied regions liberated by Ukraine’s defenders – the Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson regions, among others.

These include civilians tortured in torture chambers, rapes and gang rapes of Ukrainians aged 0 to 78, regardless of whether they are female or male, raping children in front of their mothers, rounding up young women and using them as sex slaves, random executions, and tossing thousands of corpses in mass graves.

Some of the most horrifying war crimes have been discovered in Bucha near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, which was liberated in early April.

As the Ukrainians have been resisting Putin’s invasion ferociously, more than 200,000 Russian regular, proxy, and mercenary troops have been killed, captured, or wounded.

More than 84,000 regular Russian soldiers have been killed in combat, according to the official count of the Ukrainian military, while some 18,000 units of heavy Russian military equipment have been destroyed.

The accounts of the Russians’ war crimes in Ukraine have been corroborated by at least some Russian soldiers, such as 31-year-old Pavel Filatiyev, a former paratrooper, who has written a book about his experience fighting in Southern Ukraine before managing to flee to France to escape persecution.

(Chirpin seen during his four-month stint in Ukraine where he witnessed numerous Russian war crimes.)

‘Crazy with Rambo Syndrome’

Another Russian soldier, and one with first-hand knowledge of the Russian crimes in Bucha, 27-year-old Nikita Chirbin, has now also managed to defect to the West, as he is applying for political asylum in Spain, The Daily Mail reported.

He revealed one case in which four Russian soldiers gang-raped a Ukrainian mother and her daughter in Andriivka, Kharkiv region.

According to Chirbin, who says he’s ready to testify before an international war crimes tribunal, the Russian troops in Putin’s Ukraine war had gone “crazy” with “Rambo syndrome.”

While there is no universal definition, “Rambo syndrome” could be described as the emotional need for intense experiences and tension unlocked after fighting in a war.

Chirpin was part of Putin’s invasion force in Ukraine for four months and even served under the Butcher of Bucha, ethnic Tajik Russian colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, whose troops committed mass massacres and gang rapes in Bucha and the nearby villages.

“They went crazy,” Russian defector Chibrin said of Russian soldiers under Omurbekov’s command.

He added the Russians, often drunk, “went mental” during their looting of Ukrainian homes as they hunted for jewels, cell phones, and even household appliances such as washing machines.

Chirpin blamed the barbarity of Russian troops on internal “bullying” and “poor conditions” they were living under. He revealed that Russian soldiers against the invasion of Ukraine were “intimidated” and threatened with getting shot or having “their penis or balls cut off.”

The defector claims he was dismissed from the front lines by pretending to go insane and that he managed to flee Russia by hiding in a food truck. He made it to Spain’s capital Madrid on November 15.