Snarky Joe Wants to Have Fun Watching Trump v. DeSantis Republican Race

(CNN video snapshot)

Democrat President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden has given snarky comments on the results of this week’s midterm elections.

He recently declared that he would have “fun” watching a likely contest between former President Donald Trump and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Republican Party.

Smirking Biden Still Ran Away from ‘Trump or DeSantis’ Question

Sleepy Joe’s remarks came during a White House press conference on Wednesday, as he was seemingly glad that a much anticipated “red wave” did not materialize in the midterm election even though the results for neither chamber of the US Congress have been finalized. 

As of Thursday morning, the Republicans had secured 210 seats in the House out of 218 needed for a majority, with 192 clinched by the Democratic Party. 

The GOP also had 49 seats in the US Senate, with 48 for the Democrats, with Georgia’s seat to be decided in a runoff between Democrat incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and GOP challenger Herschel Walker. 

Biden seemed “in a jovial mood,” The Daily Mail reported, as he declared he would change “nothing” in his policies based on the results from the 2022 midterms, with conservative commentators immediately describing his comments and reactions as “arrogant.” 

One of the highlights of his press conference occurred when a reporter pointed out the “resounding” reelection victory of Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis. The latter scored a nearly 20-point lead over his Democrat opponent, US Rep. Charlie Crist. 

The reporter asked Empty Shelves Joe whom he considered “the tougher opponent” in the 2024 presidential election – Trump or DeSantis – and whether his decision to run for reelection would be affected by who his Republican rival would be. 

Biden, however, didn’t answer either question. Instead, he responded with a one-liner mocking both Trump and DeSantis.

“It will be fun watching” as the top leading Republicans “take on each other,” Sleepy Joe said while smirking, looking down at the podium, and calling for the next question.

(MSNBC video snapshot)

‘Arrogant and Delusional’ 

During his comments on the midterms, Multiple Crises Joe did state his intention to seek a second White House term as he also declared he was confident he would be able to win the American voters indignant over the sky-high inflation on his watch. 

Biden argued that voters were “just finding out” what his administration was “doing” to tackle inflation and that voter support for the Democrats grew as more Americans learned about those policies. 

Empty Shelves Joe also ridiculed election “predictions,” which said that there was “supposed to be a red wave” or that the Democrats would lose 30-50 seats in the House of Representatives.

He declared that was “not going to happen,” even as the results were far from certain.

Biden’s entire performance during his press conference was slammed by conservative observers, with analyst Nile Gardiner declaring it “arrogant and delusional.” 

Gardiner wondered on Twitter why Sleepy Joe projected “no humility” whatsoever even though his party was about to lose the House and possibly the Senate. 

“Arrogance at its finest,” tweeted GOP US Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, adding that Biden was “totally disconnected.”