Surprise Top Republican Considering a Run For POTUS


The 2024 presidential race is still a long way away, but the Republican field is beginning to shape up. There are various conservative politicians who are considered possible contenders.

So far, the top two frontrunners on the list are former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Though others also are looking to throw their hat in the ring; one of those is outspoken Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

He’s recently been showing signs of launching a serious national campaign after the midterms.

Cotton Gets Serious About Running

Early Tuesday, Cotton met with a number of his biggest donor companies to assure them he’ll still run, even if Trump ends up fully running.

Cotton is looking to garner up financial support for a run and clearly believes he has a decent chance.

The site of this meeting was the exclusive Hay-Adams hotel in DC. Cotton reportedly told his moneyed friends he has a specific, full plan for a national run and he’s not going to back down on it.

These are the earliest stages of a run, of course, but it’s clear Cotton isn’t playing around and definitely plans to make a go for the Oval Office.

At 45, the former army veteran and Arkansas conservative senator would fit the bill for a conservative comeback into the White House. Cotton could garner very strong support, depending on what happens with Trump and DeSantis.

Catching on to Cotton

The fact is Cotton isn’t that well known by many Americans outside of his state and conservative politics.

He mainly made waves in the last year of Trump’s term when he suggested bringing in the military to quell the out-of-control violence in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

The fact is Cotton is a very smart guy. He has the hands-on work as a patriot and veteran under his belt. Helped by top advisor Brian Colas, he’s got a plan to dominate connections in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Colas believes a big bump in Cotton will shoot him into national recognition quickly. This could raise his profile as the primary continues to select the next Republican nominee in the 2023 primaries and on into the 2024 primaries and convention.

Cotton himself believes he is uniquely positioned to win for a very unique reason.

Why Cotton Thinks He Can Win

According to Cotton, he’s a future winner and POTUS because he understands both aisles of the GOP: the so-called “establishment” and the more populist, America First side.

He also has a dominant war chest of money with $8 million on hand right away through the Senate campaign funding of his presidency.

This is just the start, of course. Lots can still happen (or not happen). Though at this point, add Cotton to your list of 2024 maybes.


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