TERRIFYING Feminist Plan For the Future Exposed


When feminism started in the 1950s it claimed to be a movement about empowering women.

As it has progressed, the ideology has become more and more extreme, spreading hate against men, children, families, sexuality and human nature.

Not all feminists are bad people and many have good intentions, however the ideology has become so twisted that it now unfortunately serves as a launchpad for some very disturbing hate ideologies.

The latest example comes out of the University of Massachusetts at Boston, where a far left feminist communist gave a speech about the future of motherhood that shocked even the Yankee libs in attendance.

Meet The Most Insane Feminist You’ve Ever Heard Of

Sophie Lewis is a young woman from the UK. She’s written a book demanding the end of natural motherhood and saying all women should share “surrogacy” duties and kids should be raised in communes.

She also believes that being straight is bad and that gender, sexuality and relationships should all be thrown in a blender and left to come out whichever way they want for the sake of equality and authenticity.

She says that the traditional family is an oppressive structure and that women choosing to have kids are part of a form of psychological and sexual slavery.

In other words, Lewis is insane.

It’s no surprise, then, that a liberal university invited this harpie on campus to speak where she went off about her new ridiculous book “Abolish the Family.”

It’s the same topics as “Full Surrogacy Now” her previous book and is basically about how kids shouldn’t belong to parents and families are evil.

Lewis Brags About Her ‘Fearless’ Work

According to Lewis, her vision of the future is brave and “fearless,” and UMass had her speak there in order to give a hearing to these radical but important views.

How radical are her views when they’re trumpeted by major woke corporations, MTV and the globalist ideology?

Lewis is nothing but a naive communist foot soldier for the end of the family and the implementation of a faceless, artificial reproduction system.

She thinks she has pinpointed the falsity and hypocrisy of families, but all she’s doing is making the oldest mistake in the book and using the reasoning of an imbecile.

If the family is sometimes the scene of abuse, control, misfortune and defeat, that doesn’t mean you abolish the entire concept and child-raising. It means we look at how family can be improved and made into a healthier thing.

But like most leftists, Lewis can only think in black or white.

The Bottom Line

Even thirty years ago, someone like Lewis would be receiving the intensive psychiatric care she needs in an approved facility.

Now she’s speaking at major American universities and being applauded.

We’re in trouble. Very, very big trouble.