The Democrat Crazy Train Has Gone Off the Tracks


The Democrat Party enjoys complete favoritism in the mainstream media, journalism and popular culture. Celebrities parrot their talking points and they have a president in office to push their agenda.

The Democrats even have all of Europe’s governments to repeat and support what they say, spreading their narrative of evil, backwards conservatives.

Though even with all this power and propaganda, Democrats are not able to keep a grip on control. Their party is sliding every day in popularity and going off the tracks badly.

Democrats Don’t Want Biden

Biden’s popularity has fallen even among Democrats. We all know to compete in a great marathon, it is necessary to prepare extensively and have a lot of dedication on the part of the athlete.

If not, he’ll get too tired and collapse or give up before the end. This is the position the Democrats are in right now, with many hoping to distance themselves from Biden in order to win their midterm races.

Biden, in a year and a half of government, has already shown he did not do his prep. He came into office coasting on media propaganda and has accomplished nothing.

We’re in the middle of his government and he can barely put two feet in front of the other, much less ride a bike. If he wants to get re-elected in 2024, it shows he’s going to have to work hard.

Instead, he and his party are still obsessed with Trump and complaining about January 6.

Biden’s Tough Race

First, Biden has to admit his term, so far, has been a disaster. He can’t keep pretending everything is fine.

There’s also now speculation on whether he will actually run for the next presidential election.

Biden and his dwarves have been extremely angry at being asked what the plans will be for 2024. When you watch a race and see that the runner is injured, barely able to walk, I think just like me, you lose hope that they will be able to finish.

Watching this shame of the Biden administration, which apparently has lost even support from the Democrats themselves, it’s clear to see their crazy train has gone way off track.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin was neutral when asked if he would support Biden’s presidential race. One of the few who has shown support for Biden is Senator Chuck Schumer.

Former Congressman Joe Cunningham said it would be better for Biden to drop out of the next election and let a new leader take over.

The Bottom Line

Even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to support Biden. She said, amid laughter, in an interview with Dana Bash, that if Biden runs, she will still think about it.

According to recent polls, more than half of Democrats are dissatisfied with the president’s current administration and will not support Biden’s re-candidacy.

A survey conducted by Yahoo, between June 10 and 13, found that 64% of respondents think Biden should not run again.

In the midst of all this, Biden’s administration is running us all towards a cliff at breakneck speed.


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