The Russian Military is Coming to Central America


The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on now since February 24. Despite Ukraine’s fierce resistance, Russia is now poised to take over most of the east of the country in the coming weeks and months.

Sanctions against Russia failed to halt its military machine; the government of Vladimir Putin is currently selling oil for more than it was before the war.

The only tactic left for Biden and his globalist crew has been to keep shipping large amounts of weapons to Ukraine, which has enraged Russia. They demand to know clearly whether America is in this war or not.

Now, Moscow is coming closer to home, with a military presence to be established in the Central American nation of Nicaragua.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Dictatorship

Nicaragua is a corrupt dictatorship led by a tyrannical man called Daniel Ortega.

When he’s not busy shooting protesters who annoy him and letting his people go hungry, Ortega is having his portrait painted on buildings around the country.

He also enjoys launching into unhinged rants about the evil of America and why the world’s problems are all caused by the United States.

Now, he’s inviting Russia to come keep its naval ships, a troop presence, and equipment in his country, noting he fully supports Putin’s operation in Ukraine. He wants to do what he can to help Russia gain ground.

This is the first step in big changes in the Americas. Central and South America haven’t seen Russian presence since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Now, Russian soldiers and navy will be training in the waters off Nicaragua.

Cuba, Venezuela, and Guatemala will also be welcome to dock up in Nicaragua, building on a growing anti-American alliance right in Biden’s backyard. It’s worth noting Venezuela also invited Russia to come store fighter jets on an island off its coast.

Russia’s Perspective

Nicaragua and South America are an ideal foothold for Russia at this point. They can collect a lot of valuable intelligence, get their toes in the water closer to their main enemy, and begin to build an anti-American alliance closer to the United States.

Russia also has a good excuse in saying its forces will help Nicaragua crack down on drug smuggling. In fact, they may well help Nicaragua with drug smuggling and use some of that money for black market operations and funding.

Russia complained the US’ help to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries eastward justifies its operation in Ukraine. They asked what the US would do if a foreign country were using Mexico to set up missile bases and intelligence centers.

So, now Russia is cranking up the pressure, cozying up to Central American dictators to get in our face.

At the point they bring over some very powerful weapons systems, we could end up in a naval or conventional battle with Russia.


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