Top Democrat Exposes the Party’s Upcoming Midterm Message


Congressman Eric Swalwell shouldn’t even be serving in government anymore. He was busted for carrying on a long affair with one literal Chinese spy called Fang Fang.

Yet, this guy has not only stayed on as a top Democrat representing California, but he’s also pushed everyone’s nose in it. He’s attacking conservatives every day on Twitter and bragging about how smart he is.

Swalwell seems to think he’s some kind of leader of the party; although you can’t really blame him, considering the complete lack of leadership at the top with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In the process of one of his social media rants, Swalwell came up with his summary of the Democratic platform…

Democrat Platform: Abortion, Gun Control, Election Fraud

Swalwell has been one of the main people on the bizarre January 6 committee that’s wasted taxpayer money for months now to try to get President Trump and his allies in trouble.

Swalwell also helped head up the impeachment efforts against Trump the second time around over J6. This failed miserably and just showed how petty and bitter the left was, despite having installed Biden in office.

This guy thinks he is the icon of justice and liberalism; he decided recently to hit back at his critics with a summary of what the Democrats are all about.

He lies, saying they are the party of “freedom.” Tell that to people whose businesses were shuttered for two years over lockdown measures that didn’t save lives, Eric.

Then, he references abortion rights, saying the Democrats will always stand behind that, and “fear” surrounding “gun violence.”

He also references election integrity, a common talking point for the left in order to redistrict and try to swing elections their way with false rhetoric about the GOP trying to suppress minority votes.

Swalwell’s Strange Definition of Freedom

Even if you supported Swalwell’s definition of freedom, all the items he lists are big government projects of the left.

  • Getting more involved in pushing their opinion about abortion on demand and transgender operations and identity, which is not mentioned in the Constitution…
  • Trying to dismantle the Second Amendment, which is in the Constitution…
  • Creating fake outrage about minority voter suppression in order to try to steal elections…

This isn’t any kind of freedom I’ve heard about; it’s a far-left ideology taking over a post-Kennedy political party and trying to force its extreme globalism on the rest of us.

The Bottom Line

Swalwell has it backward.

The Democrat Party is built on taking away all your freedoms that are important and giving you all the freedoms they create, which go against our Constitution.

This guy should probably think about heading to China where his message would be more well-received and he could be reunited with Fang Fang for a lover’s tryst.


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