Top GOP Insider Issues WARNING About Biden’s Next Move


According to GOP insider and former POTUS candidate Newt Gingrich, President Biden is doing better than many on the right would like to admit.

For one thing, Biden conducted the conflict in Ukraine with extreme caution and care while no American forces were present.

In his first off-year election, President Biden also ran one of the most successful campaigns in American history.

This Newt Gingrich is the same individual who led the Republican revolution in 1994 and was subsequently elected speaker of the House of Representatives as a result of that revolution.

What Else Did Newt Say?

This week, Gingrich argued in a piece that people should stop putting too little stock in President Joe Biden.

He stated that the opposition that conservatives have shown toward the administration of President Joe Biden has a tendency to blind us to just how successful Biden has been under his terms.

The reason why this matters is that Gingrich is correct. If you take a look at the things that Biden has managed to get passed into law, you will see that he has exceeded everyone’s expectations while working in a Congress where the Democrats have only slim majorities and in a deeply divided country.

Taking a Realistic Look at Biden

Gingrich, who is 79 years old, stated that football was on his mind, namely the distinction between winning and losing. He went on to say that as he was thinking about it, he realized that when evaluated by goals, Biden has been far more accomplished than the Republicans have been prepared to recognize.

Biden agrees.

According to his advisors, he has not formally decided whether or not he will run for office again; the choice will be made during the holiday season and will eventually be made by him and the first lady.

However, according to his pals, there are only two things that may stop him: either his health or Jill.

Since the Republicans will be in charge of the House during Biden’s second term, it seems unlikely that he will be able to get any legislation passed. But the overarching theme of his travels around the country during Years 3 and 4 will be.

He would say that he was instrumental in producing record-low unemployment, jobs in manufacturing and computer processors that put America first, and the biggest infrastructural and green energy bills in the country’s history.

The White House Plan To Get Biden Back In

The following is how the White House intends to market the record as the biggest “stimulus program” since FDR, stopping gun violence, bringing back manufacturing, fighting climate change and helping America in every way.

Gingrich is warning the GOP not to underestimate Americans who may believe this.

Gingrich delivered this frank remark for the sake of his own party. He stated that, at present, there is not even enough comprehension or admission among top Republicans that their method and strategy were unsuccessful.

He stated that they’d need to redefine from the bottom up how they will take down Big Government Socialism, which includes the very specific nomination of Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination for a second time.

He came to the conclusion that this was a far more difficult test than he would have anticipated before the election.

The fact of the matter is that it would have been quite challenging to envision a leader of the Republican Party’s New Right movement from the 1990s saying that Joe Biden is not only a victor but also a model one month ago.