Top Liberal SHUTS UP Smug Co-Hosts


Van Jones used to be high up in the Obama administration and is a leading leftist. At heart, however, Jones is a patriot and a good guy. He cares about this country, the working class, and the environment.

The point is this: Jones is a genuine guy at heart. Sooner or later, that was bound to make him clash with his fellow leftists, most of whom are stuffed suits and fake as three-dollar bills.

Recently, this all came to a head when Jones made harsh criticism of the Democrat Party and left his fellow hosts in stunned silence.

What Did Jones Say?

Jones said Democrats aren’t doing anything to actually help American workers. He said they seem more like a deaf elite in the midst of everything that’s going on.

CNN anchors Brianna Keilar and John Berman were stunned. They shouldn’t be.

Truth be told, Jones is absolutely right. The Democrat Party has abused workers for decades now, making false promises as they crash our economy and make life worse for working families.

The Democrat Party behaves quite strangely in many ways. It made life much worse economically. In terms of minorities, it’s more focused on using fake terms like ‘Latinx’ to refer to Hispanics, ‘BIPOC,’ and so on, than actually empowering all Americans.

These are just useless and offensive terms created to name those who the elite condescendingly decide are on the margins of society.

Skin color and ethnicities being taxed and labeled as if you say some kind of hazard warning is not only very bizarre, it’s also racist; it comes from the party of racism: the Democrat Party.

The Democrats and Their False Compassion

Terms like Latinx and BIPOC are funny and contradictory; such labelers belong to the elite who consider themselves extremely educated. They have no idea what the everyday struggle of an ordinary American citizen is like, however.

After all, they sit around, thinking about creating more acronyms and names for groups in society they say they’re worried about helping. If you really want to help, do something concrete that brings tangible benefit and not a soup of letters!

Though let’s be honest, it’s only a rare few who are willing to call out this embarrassing bull crap the way Jones did. I’ve never had so much fun watching Brianna Keilar’s fake face look so shocked and almost fall off her chair with every word Jones said.

Berman also looks like a totally arrogant goof who’s thoroughly out of the loop.

Keilar is exactly the profile of the person Jones was criticizing. She is a rich white liberal who thinks she is superior to anyone and considers herself some kind of white savior of the fatherland.

People like her are simply horrible, horrible people.

The Truth Hurts

I bet you’ve heard ‘the truth hurts’. Apparently, it must hurt a lot from the expressions on Keilar and Berman’s faces. I think it’s good that Democrats take off their earplugs and listen to the truths Jones said.

The elitist, racist Democrats have forgotten it only makes sense for it to exist if it’s useful in the lives of Americans.

Jones is so right here. The Democrat Party will be gone come November. I would advise Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other Democratic apostles to tread carefully.

The American people, and even many fellow liberals, have seen through their vapid, racist lies.


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