Top Putin Official Threatens Russia Will Invade, Take Back Alaska After Ukraine

(Russian Duma)

The propagandist rage in Russia has reached a new high.

The most senior member of Putin’s rubber-stamp parliament threatened Moscow will invade and “take back” the US state of Alaska after it is done conquering Ukrainians.

Volley of Alaska-Focused Propaganda

The brand-new Russian threat against America has come from Vyacheslav Volodin, one of the top apparatchiks of Putin’s Russia.

Volodin is the speaker of Russia’s rubber-stamp parliament, known as one of Putin’s lapdogs.

His outburst about Russia “taking back” Alaska from the United States was triggered by suggestions the US and other western nations should use frozen Russian financial assets they have in order to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

The United States of America bought the territory of today’s state of Alaska from the then-Tsar of the Russian Empire in 1867 for $7.2 million. This translates into $144 million in today’s money.

The main reason that led Russians to sell it was the expectation it was about to be seized by Great Britain, which at the time controlled all of Canada.

Indeed, the Russian sale of Alaska to the US fueled all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories and propaganda plots in post-Soviet Russia.

However, the outburst coming from Vyacheslav Volodin may the most high-profile case of Alaska-centered propaganda and threats from the Putin regime.

(Map showing “Russian America” in 1860, seven years before it was sold to the US)

Russian ‘Decency’ May Require ‘Retaking’ Alaska

The most senior Russian parliamentarian spoke before the members of the Duma on Wednesday, telling them “Russia’s decency” shouldn’t be confused with “weakness.”

It remains unclear what kind of “decency” he may have meant, considering the sickening massacres of Ukrainian civilians and other war crimes Putin’s hordes have committed.

Volodin told America it should “always remember” there is a part of the territory of the United States called “Alaska.”

He further said the United States should be thinking carefully about using “our resources abroad” because Russia also “has something to get back.”

Volodin then said for the Putin lackeys serving as Russian members of parliament to “keep” their “eyes on Alaska.”

Earlier this year, in March, a Putin propagandist Oleg Matveychev, said Russia should take back from the US not only Alaska, but also Fort Ross.

This is a tiny fort near today’s San Francisco, California, which was founded in 1812 and had a few dozen Russian inhabitants.

Against the backdrop of the new empty Russian propaganda threats, Ukraine keeps pummeling the Russian military, mercenaries, auxiliaries, and proxies.

The latest count of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry shows that at least 37,000 regular Russian troops have been killed in action in the Ukraine war, so far.

This swells to 70,000 if additional forces are included. More than 10,000 pieces of Russian military equipment have been destroyed.


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