Top RINO Melts Down Under Pressure


The January 6 Committee was set up to investigate what happened on January 6, 2021, when pro-Trump protesters gathered at the Capitol. Several hundred walked inside, and a few did property damage and threatened police.

Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was gunned down and killed in the halls of Congress. Trump-supporting Capitol cop Brian Sicknick died several days later of a heart condition.

Several other Trump supporters died on that day of medical conditions. According to the J6 Committee, this was an “insurrection” and President Trump was key in organizing and encouraging it.

They’re locking up many Trump supporters on exactly this flimsy basis, denying them a right to know the charges against them as they sit and rot.

Now, one RINO, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, has been challenged about why and he melted under the pressure.

Kinzinger Keels Over From Stupidity

The J6 Committee has busted wide open after star witness Cassidy Hutchinson’s lies about Trump were exposed. She made up a big story about Trump grabbing the steering wheel of the presidential limo to try to force the driver to take him to the Capitol after his speech.

Hutchinson was a staff assistant who claims to have had deep access to what happened on that day.

The idea is Trump wanted to help lead the “insurrection” and incite the crowd even more. The problem is those agents who Hutchinson spoke on behalf of say her version of the story simply never happened.

It turns out flimsy hearsay doesn’t always hold up under scrutiny.

Though Kinzinger is a good RINO and he cares more about keeping the narrative going than about what really happened. He’s now saying that agent Tony Ornato’s denial of what happened is a lie.

Simply put, Ornato said Hutchinson’s story didn’t happen. Kinzinger is very angry about that, but when questioned more strongly, this ranting RINO lost his nerve.

Kinzinger’s Silly Narrative

Kinzinger’s narrative is clearly idiotic. If Ornato is a liar or bought off, then why would he have been trustworthy before when he was being cited as Hutchinson’s source?

What about fellow agent Bobby Engel, who also says that Hutchinson’s story is also untrue? Is he lying, too? This sounds like a giant conspiracy!

This committee of self-righteous Democrats and insufferable RINOs has more than worn out its welcome. Kinzinger can go spew his rhetoric on Jimmy Kimmel Live or somewhere like that.

He doesn’t belong in the spotlight of US politics with this kind of mindset about the truth.

The Bottom Line

Since January 6 is apparently the most important event of the past two decades, Democrats could at least get their story straight about what happened.

At this point, their fake committee is a very sad joke.


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