TRUMP HIT By His Former CLOSEST Partner


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on Wednesday that the Republican Party requires a leader who isn’t going to assert “victimhood.”

It was a clear jab at former President Donald Trump, who frequently referred to himself as a “victim” throughout his statement publicizing his campaign for president in 2024 on Tuesday night.

Pompeo Jabs Trump

Pompeo stated on Twitter that the party needs more professionalism, less distraction, and individuals who are moving forward, not backward, and alleging victimization.

Although Pompeo did not reference the previous president by name, his remarks followed Trump’s address by mere hours.

“I’m a victim, I’ll admit it,” Trump stated this at his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida.

Within a week of the Republican Party’s poor midterm performance, Trump made the awaited announcement that he will make a third bid for the presidency.

The GOP’s anticipated “red wave” didn’t materialize, allowing Democrats to retain control of the U.S. Senate.

Republicans are on course to gain a small majority in the House, but the disappointing results have sparked finger-pointing within the party, with many throwing the finger at Trump-backed politicians and their alleged threat to democracy.

How Much Support Does Trump Have Right Now?

A recent NBC News survey found that a record proportion of Republicans support the party over the former president, suggesting that Trump is also probably going to lose his grip on the party’s voters.

Pompeo belongs to a rising number of senior GOP individuals — some of whom, like Pompeo, are thought to possess their own 2024 aspirations — who are asking for an alternative presidential candidate in the upcoming race.

Pompeo, who is presently a regular for Fox News, has made many appearances in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada, as well as other states on the Republican presidential election schedule.

In September, at a tour in New Hampshire, Pompeo said to Fox News that he cannot say whether we will decide to participate in the election and run for president.

Nonetheless, he underlined that they are taking the necessary steps to be prepared to make such a pronouncement and to interact with the American people on the principles that they believe are significant.

During the Cold War, Pompeo served as an Army officer posted in Germany. He was subsequently elected to Congress from Kansas and served as CIA director and the nation’s top ambassador during the Trump presidency.

Pompeo’s Big Plans…

Concerning the FBI’s search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago last month, during which investigators seized secret information, Pompeo emphasized that the search did not violate the law and  nobody is permitted to maintain classified documents in unauthorized locations.

Nonetheless, he noted that the attack on Mar-a-Lago was immoral, inappropriate, unprecedented in history, and a bad concept for our democracy.  It is likely that two wrongdoings occurred there.