Trump Lawyer John Eastman Criticizes DOJ on Tucker Carlson


Last week, attorney John Eastman, who works for Trump, criticized the Justice Department for harassing him and taking his phone. He said the department had the same power as a British monarch.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Eastman said the search warrant he got “is illegal on its face.” He said it goes against his professional duty to protect the rights of his clients as an attorney.


“This is simply another reminder to those who did not vote for Joe Biden to delete their messages and emails daily,” anchor Tucker Carlson said.

Standing With Trump

Eastman is primarily considered the brains behind former President Trump’s plans to mount a lawsuit against the 2020 election.

This garnered him the scrutiny of the House Committee on January 6th. On Wednesday of last week, investigators searched Eastman as he exited a restaurant; on Monday, he filed a petition to reclaim his smartphone.

Carlson aired a clip of the search in which Eastman requested a warrant. The lawyer with links to Trump emphasized that he did not know why officials searched.

Eastman emphasized there is no evidence that this is tied to any crime. “When inspecting and seizing your belongings, they must provide a detailed description of the items that will be confiscated.”

Saying it is named in the affidavit without attaching it is insufficient. “The courts have been quite clear on this point. This warrant is unlawful.”

Eastman was entangled in a legal dispute with the January 6 committee over email subpoenas.

He contended in court that these emails were safeguarded by attorney-client privilege, but a judge finally ordered him to hand up hundreds of pages of them to the panel.

The January 6 Committee

Carlson is consistently the most-watched prime-time cable news program in the United States.

He has used his platform to criticize the January 6 committee and protect guests like Eastman, whom he says have been unfairly probed by the committee and the Justice Department.

During his intro for Eastman, Carlson informed viewers of Trump associate Steve Bannon, who is being charged with contempt of Congress. Such tactics were termed “Stalinist excess.”

Last week, he welcomed Jeffrey Clark, also subject to a police search on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Clark emphasized the timing of the hunt, which occurred the day before the fifth public session hearing held by the committee on January 6, at which he was prominently featured.

Eastman said the investigations cost the people they were looking into money and asked the audience to help.

“They are also forcing those of us who refuse to submit to the Joe Biden presidency to rack up thousands and thousands of dollars in legal expenses to defend our constitutional protections and those of our clients,” he stated.


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