Tucker Carlson Humiliates Leftist Journalist Live on Air


Tucker Carlson is one of the few journalists who is more interested in the truth than being popular. Ironically, that’s made him very popular!

He recently showed why people love him during an interview he did with liberal reporter Ben Smith.

Smith is a former scribe for the New York Times. He knows all the right narratives and talking points. So, he decided to try to nail Carlson with accusations of racism and ignorance.

It didn’t go quite how Smith hoped. In fact, the interview blew up right in his face.

Liberal Journalist Gets Lambasted

Smith started out fairly normal. He was polite to Carlson and tried to ask him normal questions about his journalism and philosophy. The popular Fox host responded in kind, being respectful and normal.

Carlson explained he doesn’t hold racist views or judge people by race. He respectfully batted down Smith’s silly questions about whether he believes Americans should only be white.

As Carlson pointed out, most of the people he disagrees with and dislikes the most are liberal white people, so it makes no sense to accuse him of favoring white people.

Though Smith just wouldn’t let up. He then moved on to the replacement theory or idea that non-native cultures are being imported in to replace Americans. This is when things went way off track for the smart-ass NYT journalist.

‘You Are a Propagandist’

Smith tried to accuse Carlson of being a white supremacist and said he is tied to mass shooters who believe in white supremacy.

As Carlson said, he isn’t a believer in any specific theory. He’s just pointing out the obvious fact that the liberal establishment seems to hate native-born Americans, especially white Americans.

That’s clearly observable; the idea that it’s racist to care if people have kids or to care if people are racist against white people is absurd.

As Carlson said, this is why people think journalists are “propagandists” and fraudulent.

Smith thought if he just repeated a common accusation it would fluster Carlson, but instead, he was left sputtering like a fool while getting smacked down by the veteran Fox host.

Better luck next time, Ben.

Why This Works

The reason Smith was so flustered is that he was trying to coast on peer pressure.

He’s used to being a liberal bully who has all the powerful people on his side; so, he thought he could just waltz in and accuse Carlson of being a racist mass murder supporter.

Carlson’s rebuttal worked because it showed Smith doesn’t even know anything about what he’s talking about and doesn’t appear to have even watched Tucker Carlson on air.

Liberal ignorance is exposed once again, and it’s almost embarrassing to watch.


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