US Missiles Prove Far Superior to Russia’s

(Social media footage snapshot of the Ukrainian HIMARS strike in Chornobaivka which overwhelmed the Russian S-400 systems)

American-made US artillery missiles supplied to Ukraine are wreaking total havoc among the troops and hardware of Russia.

Supposedly top-notch Russian missile defense systems are getting overwhelmed and proving absolutely incapable of taking them out in a rare showdown between vital US and Russian weaponry.

Plucky Ukrainians Bloodying Russia’s Nose Daily

According to the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, more than 37,400 regular Russian troops have been killed in combat after 136 days of fighting.

However, when the deaths of the Russian mercenaries, auxiliaries, and proxies are added, the total number of Russians killed in action surpasses 70,000.

While Ukrainians have been receiving a steady stream of American and western military aid, it is still not in the quantities they have been asking the West for.

For instance, with all the deliveries of top-notch US-made howitzers, plus some smaller numbers from France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia, Ukrainians presently operate only about 300 howitzers vs. more than 1,200 on the Russian side, according to Ukrainian estimates.

(East2west photo shows US HIMARS operated by Ukraine)

Russia’s S-400 Useless Against American HIMARS

Very recently, Ukraine has started to receive and put into action the first US-supplied missile artillery system: HIMARS.

Those are making a real difference, devastating the Russian war effort and sending Putin in a rage, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

As of Monday, July 11, Ukraine is operating eight HIMARS rocket systems. President Joe Biden just approved a new military aid package to supply it with four more.

The number in question is very small. Ukrainians asked for several hundred such weapon systems in order to be able to defeat the Russians.

However, even with the few HIMARS they already have, the Ukrainians have managed to blow up a total of 19 Russian arms depots in the occupied regions of Ukraine.

It’s important to keep in mind that the HIMARS provided by the US to Ukraine has the shortest range, of about 45 miles (70 kilometers).

Biden personally refused to given them rocket artillery with a range of 150 miles or more for fear that Ukrainians may use them against the territory of Russia.

That would be a perfectly legal and natural thing for them to do, but Biden and his administration got scared this would provoke some kind of a dreadful response by Putin.

A fresh case of the use of US rocket artillery in Ukraine is particularly telling of the qualities of the American and Russian weapons, with the latter proving that they cannot hold a candle to the former.

In a new Ukrainian HIMARS strike on a Russian command post at the Chornobaivka Airport, Ukrainians managed to kill 12 Russian commanding officers, including at least one general and one colonel.

The case is particularly remarkable because the Russian command site was supposedly protected by Russia’s supposed very fearful S-400 anti-air systems.


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