Warnock vs Walker: Who Do Americans Prefer?


During a special election in January 2021, Raphael Warnock became the first black American senator from Georgia. Georgia is one of the first 13 states so this is a big win in breaking down racial barriers in the state.

Warnock and Walker Go Head-to-Head

On Tuesday, Warnock will go head-to-head with another black man, Republican Herschel Walker, in a race to secure a 6-year term.

Both men grew up in the deep south and have similar upbringings, however, they couldn’t be more different. Warnock and Walker have different views on racism and conflicting hopes and plans for the nation.

Based on what black voters have to say about the men, the choice is clear-cut. Warnock is a leader of a church, Martin Luther King’s Atlanta church, and places importance on the teachings of Martin Luther King and focuses on the black experience in America.

However, Walker is a conservative who is a University of Georgia football star. His focus has never been on race and he tends to tease Warnock for his beliefs.

Why Did the GOP Nominate Walker Anyway?

According to a senior named Bryce Berry, at Morehouse College, a historically black college that both Walker and Warnock attended, it seems that Republicans thought it would be smart to also nominate a black candidate for the state of Georgia.

Berry is also the president of Georgia’s Young Democrats branch.

However, this doesn’t seem to have made a difference to black voters in Georgia.

Despite being a Heisman Trophy winner and national champion running back for the Georgia Bulldogs, Walker has not found favor amongst blacks in Georgia.

Inconsistencies surrounding his achievements in the commercial world and as a professional, allegations of domestic abuse, and his apparent disinterest in discussing public policies have led black democrats to believe that Republicans only nominated him to ride his fame.

The Problems Keep Adding Up

Certainly, even black Republicans are not happy about Walker’s nomination to run as senator. Most feel that Walker’s core beliefs are not in line with the party’s and feel that his candidacy is a missed chance to extend the Republicans reach into a area that’s Democrat dominated.

Avion Abreu, a Marietta, Georgia-based realtor who is a Republican says that she feels Walker doesn’t really have the comparative life experiences that the average black American would have, making it difficult to relate to him.

Black Voters Overwhelmingly Choose Warnock

White Americans seem to identify with Walker more than black Americans. According to the November midterm elections, Warnock secured 90% of the black vote while Walker received 68% of the white vote.

According to Walker’s website, whether Walker is in the sports arena, teaching in the lecture hall, playing at the Olympics, performing MMA, as Managing Director of several companies, or as a representative for the Patriot Support Program, Herschel’s dedication to a cause, striving for perfection, and passion for America has inspired millions of his countrymen.

Walker who has been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is committed to helping those with mental health issues.