Washington NFL Team’s Coach Fined $100,000 For Saying His Opinion


Anybody who doesn’t repeat the propaganda narrative of the left is in danger of losing their jobs or even facing criminal penalties. This is a sentence nobody in America would have believed could be true, even five years ago.

Though we’re now at that point. This is especially true of public figures, who are under immense pressure to conform to liberal points of view and repeat the vacuous talking points of the Biden regime.

This country is being neutered by crazed cultural Marxists with a twisted agenda and no respect for freedom.

The latest example comes from a coach with the Washington Commanders. He thought he was free to speak his mind, but he quickly found out otherwise.

A Controversial Opinion

Jack Del Rio runs the Washington Commanders’ defense and keeps them in line.

You may recall the Washington “Commanders” were the Redskins, up until recently when public pressure from the far left forced them to change it to the very pathetic sounding “Commanders.”

According to the woke left, Redskins was somehow “racist” against Native Americans.

In any case, Del Rio recently gave his opinion at a press event that he thought protests of January 6, 2021 were more of a “dust up” and not nearly as horrible as rioting, looting, and murder that swept the nation in the summer of 2020 after George Floyd’s death.

Del Rio is factually correct.

The “mostly peaceful” riots of BLM, Antifa, and the woke left burned large areas of our cities down and cost businesses hundreds of millions. They also resulted in the senseless murder of dozens of people, including retired black police officer David Dorn in St. Louis.

At the press conference, Del Rio simply asked why we’re not investigating what happened in the summer of 2020 and are so focused on January 6. He said he doesn’t agree with making January 6 such a “major deal.”

Del Rio Muzzled, Fined For Speaking His Mind

Del Rio was asked for his opinion on this because of tweeting it’s important to hear the “whole story” about January 6.

The liberal media, which sadly extends into much of the sports media as well, was rabid to know what he’d meant and find out if he’d committed a thought crime.

Del Rio’s point is obvious and it’s true. January 6 was a majority of peaceful protesters with a minority of violent protesters. It also saw unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt gunned down in the halls of Congress.

After Del Rio gave his opinion, Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera went berserk, saying there is “no tolerance” for trying to compare January 6 with the riots of the summer of 2020.

Instead, January 6 was “domestic terrorism” and any questioning of it is 100% unacceptable.

Rivera noted he’d had a “talk” with Del Rio and was confident he now understood why he was wrong. He also noted that he’d fined Del Rio $100,000.

The Bottom Line

A coach in the NFL has been fined $100,000 and talked down to like a little punk for simply stating an opinion that wasn’t in agreement with the left-wing narrative.

Our country is in huge trouble.


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