WATCH: Angry Rude Couple Causes CHAOS on Plane


Imagine you are sitting on a plane with a ticket home for Thanksgiving.

You’re looking forward to getting back and seeing family and celebrating when you and all the other passengers are forced to get off the plane.

That’s exactly what happened when not just one individual, but all passengers, were forced off a Frontier Airlines flight.

What Happened?

This past Tuesday, November 22, a couple sneaked into a plane ahead of time. The couple got onboard before the plane’s boarding gate closed and sat in their seats.

They entered illegally, not respecting the established order of boarding of any aircraft.

It is always necessary to present the boarding passes at check-in and as soon as it is checked by the crew can enter the plane.

Videos of what happened ended up at TikTok, and began to spread all over the internet.

It is not possible to identify where the incident occurred, but what happened is that this couple went berserk.

The only thing we could identify in the videos is that it was a Frontier Airlines flight.

Situation Escalates Out of Control

According to a witness, the couple rushed into the aircraft without presenting their boarding passes.

Soon after, the crew headed towards the couple, who began to cry hysterically, that they would not get off the plane.

They shouted, non-stop, that they were tired and exhausted and wouldn’t listen to instructions to deplane.

Chaos then settled inside the aircraft as the fighting continued and staff begged the couple to get off.

The employee then said that if they didn’t get down, everyone on the aircraft would be forced to get off.

At that time one of them lifted a ticket, probably proof of boarding, and said that they paid the plane the ticket like all the others who were there.

They also said they were exhausted, had been flying for more than 20 hours, that they would have paid everything with their money and that they would not go down at all.

Everyone Off!

That’s when, then, everyone was forced down.

The couple’s extremely negligent motivation for this action is unclear.

But supposedly, it may be to avoid paying an extra fee for luggage.

Thus, as all passengers got off the aircraft, the officers were able to enter the aircraft and confront the couple.

With no further choices, the couple were removed from the aircraft by police and their names are now on the no-fly list.

At least they won’t be causing more disruptions on anymore flights in the future, but this is still a very disturbing incident that shows how much people’s tempers seem to have frayed and their impatience has gotten the better of them.

So far, Frontier  Airlines has not commented on the case.