WATCH: Top Trump Insider Has Warning for Her Old Boss


Former President Trump has been very focused on how he wants to run again for President.

In fact the date of his announcement has already leaked as five days from now on Nov. 15, followed by a week of rallies.

But with the disappointing results of the recent midterms including a runoff election for Senate in Georgia, Trump insiders are telling him to cool off.

One of those urging Trump to stop being so egotistical is his former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Kayleigh Tells Trump to Call it Off

McEnany was a stalwart defender of Trump while in office who made it her mission to shut down the liberal media and their misinformation.

But she’s never been one to pull punches, either, and at the current moment she thinks Trump is making a big mistake by focusing on his own ambitions.

The recent attacks on massively reelected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by Trump as well as many of his picks losing during the midterms make this a time for reflection and to wait a bit.

In particular, McEnany pointed to Georgia, where incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock is running against football legend and Republican Herschel Walker.

Walker and Warnock going to a runoff, and the eyes of the nation will be on this all important result.

It’s not the time for Trump to announce a run, according to McEnany.

However in a snub to her old boss, she also didn’t mention him trying to back up and get Walker elected, whereas she did recommend that DeSantis go rally for Walker.

DeSantis Yes, Trump No

Many conservatives are taking a similar tack to McEnany, speaking in favor of DeSantis and downplaying Trump.

The reason is actually very simple: conservatives, just like liberals, libertarians and others, like to win.

DeSantis won. Trump by and large did not. In 2016 he obviously did, and it roused the base in a huge way. But the tide looks more and more like it’s flipping in favor of DeSantis, and people like McEnany are changing their focus a bit.

Call it disloyalty if you want, but there’s no doubt that McEnany is right that DeSantis is currently a more astute political insider than Trump. While he’s not nearly as famous or charismatic, his star is definitely on the rise.

What if the balance of power in the Senate comes down to Georgia? It’s actually possible depending on the final results of a few other races.

Trump helped Republicans lose the runoffs in 2020 by obsessing about a supposedly stolen election and suppressing voter turnout, which is why Warnock is even in office. Do we want him to try again?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line reality right now is that the GOP is in a really tense moment. They need smooth operators like DeSantis.