WATCH: US Troops Assaulted By Horrible American Anti-Semite


An American anti-Semite who has been previously arrested at Auschwitz is accused of assaulting US troops and demanding a black soldier avoid white ladies in a Polish mall.

The horrifying video showed a guy filming himself spewing racial and homophobic hatred at U.S. soldiers, who ignored him. 

A History of Anti-Jewish Fanaticism 

After going viral, numerous individuals, including YouTuber Jamesons Travels, charged Jon Minadeo Jr. 

After being accused, anti-Semite Minadeo posted a link to the film on his right-wing Gab account. 

Rather than denying he was behind the vicious remarks, he encouraged his fans to ‘destroy’ the YouTuber’s comments. He wrote, “BOOM!!! WRECK AND GAS COMMENTS, LETS GOOOOO!! 

Minadeo, 39, was detained for donning a swastika pendant and holding offensive posters outside Auschwitz. During WWII, 1.1 million people were killed in Auschwitz. 

Minadeo brandished a banner stating ‘Greenblatt suck 6 million d***s’ in his Auschwitz prank. Both banners relate to Anti-Defamation League Head Jonathan Greenblatt, who fights antisemitism in the US. 

Minadeo said he was detained and jailed in Poland for Auschwitz hate speech. He was fined and had his chains and laptop seized. He said life was fine, and Jews couldn’t stop him. 

Nazi Accuses Blacks of ‘F**king Up Europe’

Minadeo, who runs The Goyim Defense League, tweeted a video of him verbally abusing a South Asian guy in Warsaw. 

He questioned the man why he felt he could conquer Poland. “Why not go home?” 

He keeps asking the man, who ignores him, why he’s there. “Why don’t you go back to India? If you are from India?” 

Minadeo accuses the guy of ‘f*****g up Europe,’ names him a ‘parasite,’ and wants him to leave my country.’ 

Unknown whether Minadeo is behind fresh tape showing verbally harassed US soldiers. 

Four guys wearing Army uniforms with the American flag showed patience when approached by a mocking individual in the new viral video. 

Abuse And Disrespect 

The cameraman questioned the group whether they wanted to propagate ‘culture’ and if they thought the U.S. health secretary was a ‘f***ing t****y.’ 

He warns the black soldier in the group to stay away from white women and that miscegenation was once prevalent in their country.

The man behind the camera says, “You’re in a white nation now; we don’t idolize n*****s and Mexicans.” 

More than a million people saw the criticized video on social media. 

Inside the two and half minute clip, the man continually tries to rile up and goad the U.S soldiers into reacting, using target words and questioning ploys. 

The clip begins with the civilian asking four troops, “Are you Americans?” They reply, “Yes.” 

Then he asks whether they’re there to propagate sodomy. 

The guys laughed off the insults and turned away from the man filming them. The guy filming then asks, “Is it George Floyd culture or sodomy?” He subsequently inquired whether they were there to spread “the anal,” stating that’s in their training. 

The guy tries to provoke the troops again as they walk away. He says, “Is your health secretary a f***ing t****y?” The anonymous man may have been referring to Rachel Leland Levine. 

As the group nears the exit, the man remarks racially to the lone black member. The man says, “Keep Poland white,” without reaction. He told them to avoid the white ladies. 

The soldier turns briefly before his comrade soothes him and leads him out. The guy responds, “Miscegenation used to be a felony in your country.” 

Miscegenation is the mixing of races. 

In a second video, the filming guy tells the gathering they’re in a white nation and don’t idolize n****** and Mexicans. 

The man walking with the black soldier then turned around, seeming annoyed. 

The black soldier pats him and urges him away. 

The unidentified videographer yells, “you’re not wanted here,” as men leave him behind.