‘What is a Woman’ Film Cripples the Nation


The documentary “What is a Woman?” from The Daily Wire was labeled “transphobic” by Rolling Stone, despite the fact the piece’s author had never seen the video.

Matt Walsh has proof in the form of invoices.

The Details

The film, wherein Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh shakes up the transgender ideology campaign by asking one simple question, was labeled “transphobic” by Rolling Stone.

It also chastised social media firms for allowing The Daily Wire to run adverts to support it.

After the story was published, Walsh knocked the wind out of Rolling Stone’s sails by revealing the piece’s writer, Moises Mendez II, was asked to attend the film by The Daily Wire early this week.

Mendez saw 0% of the movie before making his decision; once Walsh called him out on this, he closed his Twitter feed.

The publisher of Rolling Stone’s attack piece, Elisabeth Garber-Paul, got to sit through the first 11 percent of the film before approving Mendez’s essay.

“I’d want Rolling Stone to clarify how, despite not seeing the movie, they came to these terrible conclusions,” Walsh said. “Do they have a practice of writing reviews for movies they haven’t seen?”

The other Rolling Stone reviewers are far from the first liberals to refuse to see “What is a Woman?” — which has a 97 percent Rotten Tomatoes audience score.

The film was shown to a number of film reviewers last week, but many of them replied with profanity and charges of “transphobic” intolerance.

“Unsubscribe. Please don’t delete my email.” One grumbled, “Forget my name.”

“Difficult f***ing pass.” Another screamed, “I’m not going to give that transphobic monster a forum on my site. Never, ever.”

“Absolutely f***ing not,” says the narrator. A third harped, “He’s a bigot, and you’ll be ashamed and disgusted with him.”

Can They Be Serious?

Another snarled, “I’m not going to review a movie by a bigot.”

The Daily News’ Alyssa Cordova, VP of Public Relations and Publications who wrote the emails asking for reviews, knew “if we received any feedback as a consequence of our pitch, much would be disparagingly unfavorable.”

Even film critics, she found, are “so ideologically empty they can’t stand to truly watch the film to give it a bad evaluation.”

Those who have seen “What is a Woman?” — which is accessible on request for Daily Wire subscribers — will not be shocked to learn the so-called “experts” refuse to engage with concepts that contradict their worldview.

Walsh meets with medical experts, activists, politicians, and a slew of other proponents of radical gender fluidity in the film, only to be faced with denials and character assassinations.

Walsh remarked, “The Left can’t help but demonstrate the point of the video. They’re too scared to even look at it.”

Despite progressives mischaracterizing the film, interrupting its debut through hacking, or completely ignoring it, the launch of “What is a Woman?” helped The Daily Wire gain more paying members than any other day in its existence.


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