WHO is Taking Over After Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker?

(CNN video snapshot)

After Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed her resignation on Thursday, House Democrats instantly came up with a replacement.

They have united around Brooklyn native Hakeem Jeffries as their new leader to replace Pelosi.

Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota, who is one of the Democrats advocating for a new era of leaders who more accurately reflect the party’s youthful and diverse voter base, stated that Jeffries had shown the capacity to listen, to lead effectively and with empathy.

Why Jeffries?

Jeffries, 52, would become the first Black leader of a party in Congress and has been widely regarded as Pelosi’s successor.

He has not officially declared his candidacy for the top position when Democrats elect their leaders at the conclusion of the month. However, Pelosi’s choice to stand aside while staying in Congress prompted a torrent of upheavals at the top of the Democrats’ House leadership, which paved the way for his election.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, 83, the second-ranking Dem in the House, and Majority Whip James Clyburn, 82, the third-ranking Democrat, have both backed Jeffries for the top position.

Hoyer stated in a release that the time has come for a new era of leaders and that he is pleased to support Hakeem Jeffries for Leadership Role.

Ohio Rep Joyce Beatty anticipates the critical Congressional Black Caucus, which she heads, will completely endorse Jeffries.

Other Democrats anticipated to pursue leadership positions include Massachusetts Rep Katherine Clark, 59, the chamber’s fourth-ranking Democrat; California Rep Pete Aguilar, 43; and Colorado Rep Joe Neguse, 38. Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington, age 57, who is the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, stated that she might pursue a leadership position.

Jeffries was voted to a sixth term in his district, which covers portions of Brooklyn and Queens, with over 70% of the vote last week.

His ascension would place two New Yorkers at the Democratic top in both chambers of Congress. However, several Democrats have voiced concern that the party has to regain support in middle America. Chuck Schumer is the majority leader of the Senate.

Barack Of Brooklyn

Once called “The Barrack of Brooklyn” in reference to the vast appeal of erstwhile President Barack Obama, Jeffries frequently delivers intellectual and scholarly views with occasional pop-culture allusions. He has utilized Notorious B.I.G. songs to make arguments on the House floor and during President Donald Trump’s initial impeachment hearing.

Economic and social concerns, like housing and justice systems, have formed a substantial element of Jeffries’ legislative arsenal.

Jeffries is a part of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but he has also fostered commercial relationships, notably with New York’s banking industry. Additionally, he had to defuse tensions with the party’s more liberal members in defense of moderate members against candidate-based threats.

Jeffries is now the chairman of the Democratic caucus in the House, which is officially the fifth-highest leadership post. After Pelosi, he has become the House Democrats’ top spokesperson, delivering digs at House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump, and other Republicans.

Additionally, he has been traveling to fundraise and advocate for Democratic colleagues. Now, he is anticipated to cash in some of these political chips.

Rep Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, who just secured re-election in a Trump-friendly area, referred to Jeffries as a “close buddy” and the “likely frontrunner” to succeed Pelosi.

Phillips, who has advocated for reforms to internal party rules to promote younger members, stated that Jeffries “represents not only our caucus but also the United States in a rather interesting way.”