Wildly Chuckling Kamala Congratulates Sleepy Joe on Lost Midterms

(Social media video snapshot)

Democrat President Joe “Inflation” Biden’s equally gaffe-prone veep Kamala Harris has staged a cringe-worthy performance at a Washington, DC.

She emitted a wild chuckle while congratulating Sleepy Joe on the Democrat “win” of the midterm elections – never mind that at least one and possible both chambers of the US Congress will probably be controlled by the Republican Party.

They Are Acting as Though the Democrats Have Won – and Have Won Big

While Kamala Harris is known for her trademark awkward, painful-to-watch-and-hear chuckle, it is usually more muted and accompanied with less non-verbal communication on her part.

On Thursday, however, she practically erupted, shaking while chuckling and switch poses as she congratulated “Joe” while he and his wife and caretaker-in-chief Jill were standing a few feet behind her.

Harris’s “congratulations” for Multiple Crises Joe seemed to build upon the over celebratory mood of the Democrats that what was supposed to be a much bigger “red wave” of Republican support did not materialize in Tuesday’s election.

Even so, as of Friday morning, the Republicans have clinched 211 seats in the House, with 7 more needed for a majority, having flipped 16 Democrat seats. The Democrats have clinched 198, flipping four GOP seats.

In the US Senate, the Republicans have secured 49 seats, while the Democrats have 48. The GOP would need to win at least two of the last three seats still hanging in the balance – in Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia – in order to score a majority.

Neither the relatively strong election performance of the Republicans, not the lingering uncertainty, however, seemed to matter to Sleepy Joe’s veep on Thursday.

She behaved as though the Democrats had secured every single seat in the US Congress for all eternity, and the GOP had somehow evaporated not just from US politics from the entire history of the United States.

(Social media video snapshot)

Kamala’s Wildest Chuckle Ever Extols Leader of ‘American Species’

“You did it, Joe!” Kamala proclaimed at the podium in the Howard Theater in Washington, before a crowd of Democratic National Committee volunteers, The Daily Mail reported.

A chuckle volcano had already erupted wildly out of her month even before quipping the congratulatory phrase, and continued bursting out in laughter afterwards, as she kept turning back and forth to look at the Bidens behind her.

“Couldn’t help myself,” Harris added, as she kept giggling and gesturing, with her mouth wide open.

In her ensuing comments, she claimed that Joe Biden had work in such a way so to “send a message” to the whole world that American “democracy is intact.”

Harris thus reiterated Biden’s bizarre and unsubstantiated propositions that if the Republican Party wins the elections in a democratic manner, that would mean the death of US democracy.

Whereas supposedly if the Democrats won them and remained in power, that would be just marvelous for American democracy.

Sleepy Joe’s own comments during the DNC event sounded extremely celebratory, as he ridiculed the “giant red wave” that didn’t happen.

He claimed the Democrats had “beaten the odds” and somehow packed all women in the United States in the same category by praising them for “beating the hell” out of the Republican Party.

Empty Shelves Joe then decided to treat all Americans in an animal-like fashion as he declared that, thanks to the Democrats no-win results in the midterms, he had never been “more optimistic about American species.”