Woke College Owes Millions For Politically-Motivated Attack on a Bakery


Oberlin College is a left-leaning institution located in Ohio that has a $1 billion endowment and around 3,000 full-time students.

This college is considered one of the top liberal arts universities in the country, but it’s also one of the most woke places in America.

Usually, this just means rainbow flags and all sorts of special rules to protect everyone’s feelings, but a few years ago, it became a much bigger problem.

What happened is the college stepped in to crush a local business called Gibson’s Bakery, launching entirely false accusations of racism against Gibson’s.

Oberlin got sued for that and lost badly. They now owe $36 million to Gibson’s bakery, but they haven’t paid a red cent.

Oberlin Whines and Begs

Oberlin already appealed several times and most recently had an appeal to Ohio’s Supreme Court dismissed.

It’s now trying to take this all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) potentially. Oberlin is saying the $36 million shouldn’t be payable until they know what happens with their appeals.

In other words, Oberlin has some very expensive and smart lawyers on hand. They are trying to delay this case to death and get the bakery to shut up and take whatever few pennies it decides to throw at it.

There’s already been more than $5 million in interest that’s built up since the initial final amount owing of $31.6 million.

Oberlin and its ongoing case is one of the most important things happening legally in America today. They are one of the first institutions to truly pay the price for lodging false and harmful accusations to try to score woke points.

The left is used to calling anybody it wants a racist, fascist, or murderer with zero consequences. Though seeing one of the most prestigious countries whine and beg like this is truly enlightening.

The Case is Fairly Simple

The case is fairly simple.

A black Oberlin student went into Gibson’s and tried to steal. When they tried to stop him, he complained it was racism. The school backed him up, leading to a huge decline in business and a boycott of the once popular hangout.

On Wednesday, Oberlin argued all its appeals should run their course before it’s required to potentially pay anything.

At first Gibson’s had no issue with doing this, but they changed their mind several weeks ago, sensing the college was basically using stalling tactics to avoid paying.

As their lawyer said, Gibson’s has “correctly” done everything it should have done and the 2019 judgment by John Miraldi still stands. They should be paid now.

The Bottom Line

Oberlin’s delays have already racked up millions in interest payments for it. Why doesn’t it use some of that $1 billion and pay Gibson’s for its defamation and slanderous insults toward the bakery?

Enough is enough.


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